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“How can I die without seeing every inch of this world?”

- Leo Dicaprio

It’s a thought that has circled in my brain for as long as I can remember. Late nights in my childhood bedroom were spent exploring Google Earth. My bucket list has always been filled with adventures in far off lands. And every time I get the chance to travel somewhere new, I grow more into my authentic self. Just like my adventures, my journey of self-discovery is never ending.

A chance to study abroad in New Zealand showed me that comfort zones are not always helpful. My first big adventure by myself, however intimidating, brought such a rush. I knew I’d chase that feeling forever.

My adventure to Patagonia and Antarctica proved that no dream is farfetched. I didn’t even know it was possible to go to Antarctica!!!! And right after that trip of a lifetime, the entire world shutdown due to a pandemic. My reminder to always say yes to adventure, even when it scares you.

Shooting in Greece reinforced my love of connection. A wedding planner who I had never met helped me chase a dream on the other side of the world. She didn’t have to take me under her wing, but she did. Proof that there are people, some you haven’t even met yet, who are rooting for you.

And while I’ve spent my entire life checking off some of the most incredible places on my list, I’ve still got plenty to go. How cool would it be if we could adventure together? Let’s run off to Tulum and get you married under the palms, or maybe adventure to the Isle of Skye where you can say I Do on its famous cliff sides overlooking the sea.

The only thing more epic than the places we’ll discover is the love you have for one another.

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