hi, i'm em 🌞

Tulsa wedding photographer.
Wine enthusiast.
Travel addict.
Laid-back lover of all the little moments.



By now you’ve figured out that I’m a Tulsa wedding photographer capturing all of the genuine love I can find. But peel back my layers and you’ll find a silly, multi-passionate creative who craves craft coffee and thrives off of connection with others.

The best photos you can find all have one thing in common - they make you feel something. And I like to think I’ve cracked the code to deliver effortless, nostalgic images every time. It’s simple really...
Genuine relationships. Between you and your partner. Between you and me. Between the people surrounding you on your biggest day yet.

When you are fully yourself, genuinely in love, and celebrating in the way you truly want to, authentic photos become effortless.. It’s magic every time. Let me prove it to you.



everyone always & the leaves of the ginkgo tree

Aka the phrase I live by and a symbol that means so much. They are in every corner of my website and they’re tattooed right there on my arm.

Everyone always. A tangible reminder that you, me, all of us, are in this together. My story is intertwined with the stories of everyone I meet. Who we are matters to everyone around us. Our stories, our meaningful relationships, beautiful moments of togetherness – they should be celebrated. How incredible that it’s my job to document those moments?!

Gingko leaves. Symbols of beauty and timelessness. Every morning I look outside and stare at the gingko tree in my yard. And each morning I’m reminded that there is so much beauty around and always more coming for us. What better mantra to share with my clients? You deserve photos that are timeless and beautiful, just like your story. Just like your love..


Ready for story time?

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, the moment when it feels like the universe is pulling every last start into alignment? And everything feels good and right in the world? I had one of those moments a decade ago. I picked up a camera.

You already know I love to be silly and lighthearted, but you should know I’m a sentimental gal, too. My biggest joy comes from celebrating the meaningful relationships I’ve made in my life. And my all time favorite way to celebrate someone? With a photograph.

Here’s where another important moment comes in. I dreamed up a life where my days would be in constant celebration, where I could always have my camera in hand, and be surrounded by so much love. And then I chased the hell out of that dream.

Being your wedding photographer is the result of all of my moments. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my story. And I can’t wait to be a part of yours!

tuscany dreamer

Zombie Believer


Dog Mama

Vintage Vinyls

tulip obsessed

Dirty Chai Lattes

Chicago, Illinois

horse lover

The trip i never knew i needed

Patagonia and Antarctica. Clearly one of those bucket list trips! And while I knew it would be the freaking coolest trip ever, what I didn’t know is the impact it would have on my life. Another one of those moments for me.

When the opportunity of a lifetime was right in front of me, I knew I couldn’t wait for anyone else. No more clinging to the expectations of others or letting their opinions affect my decisions. Instead, I just booked it. A moment of momentum. A reminder that sometimes you have to embark on your own journey. Chase your dreams your way.

A sentiment I hope you carry into your wedding day. Let go of expectations and plans other than your own. Do exactly what you want to do. It’s your wedding day. It’s your love. It’s your moment. Plus, when you’re celebrating in a way that feels like you, it’s SO much more fun!

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you be you

And I'll be me

You are genuine, quirky, and passionate. You deserve photos that feel like you. Photos that celebrate who you are! And there’s nothing I love more than showing you how dang beautiful you are through my lens. I’ve shared my story, now it’s your turn.


love notes

Emily H.

Emily is INCREDIBLE! Not only is she extremely talented, Emily is a source of peace and light during a time that can be stressful and overwhelming. We first met her when she traveled to the Oregon coast for our engagement shoot, and we knew instantly we had made the right choice in booking her for our wedding!

Having never been married before, I didn’t realize how much of a whirlwind the wedding day actually is. In reality, the person you spend the most amount of time with on that day is your photographer. I cannot sing Emily’s praises loudly enough. I wanted a photographer that I felt comfortable being present for the special and intimate moments of our wedding day, and Emily was perfection. It didn’t feel like a stranger was following us around all day, Emily was a rock, a source of positivity and calm. Throughout the chaos of the day, she was there with an encouraging word or helpful hand when anything went wrong. I am grateful that we get to relive every small detail and special moment through her photos. From the getting ready photos, to the first look, the ceremony, the reception, and the sparkler illuminated grand exit, Emily’s photos captured our pure joy and love for each other in a style that is romantic, artistic, and timeless.


Meg S.

Emily was nothing short of amazing from the inquiry/booking process, to planning, to the day of. Emily actually wants to know you as a person and not just a client. We talked about coffee, her cute kitty, Indy, true crime, and more. She was comforting to me when I reached the stressful point of planning and reassured me that everything’s gonna be okay and that she’d be there for me if I need anything.

Not only is she so kind and caring, but her TALENT is unmatched!!!! Our photos are jaw dropping gorgeous! She truly captured the love, joy, excitement, and fun that everyone was feeling throughout the day, all the way to our grand exit. Our photos from Emily are absolutely hanging in our home and we will be grateful to her FOREVER for capturing our wedding day!


Jill B.

Emily is a GEM! If you are on the fence about hiring her- think no further. Just do it!! You will not regret it!!! Emily has it all. She has the skill, professionalism, and her communication skills are off the charts. Not only that- but she has a true gift. Her eye is unlike any other- she captured everything I could have wanted and more at my wedding. Every photo she delivered is PERFECT. She sent us sneak peeks from our wedding within 24 hours AND had the entire wedding photos done within 4 weeks. My husband and I are obsessed.

Yes, her skill and talent is obvious!But it is her authenticity, love, and heart that really shines through her work. She genuinely cares about her work, and is the most kind person to work with and be around. She makes sure you know you are the most important person in the room when she is with you. I truly could not say enough kind things about her. So- all this to say: HIRE HER! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. She is the best of the best, and I feel extremely lucky to have had her photograph my wedding. THANK YOU EMILY!!!!


Jerryca K.

Emily is my girl! We felt so lucky to have Emily as part of our entire wedding planning experience. Her communication is wonderful and she was so helpful in providing recommendations and really got to know us throughout our year of planning. We were so lucky to have her capture our wedding day!!!

I wish I could post my entire wedding album here. Emily was able to capture so much of the love and little moments between me and Blake - but also captured so many details and all of the people who mean the most to us who were able to celebrate our wedding with us.

On top of being a joy to be around, the turn around was SO quick. We got our entire wedding album back in less than a month!!!! Love love love Emily!