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Heyyy Lovebirds! I’m guessing you’re here because you’re crazy in love and planning a wedding/elopement so you can shout it from the rooftops?! Yeehaw, big hugs and congrats! Confetti, cocktails and LOLs, let’s celebrate the beginning of your forever - and party exactly how you want to.

Surrounded by your favorite peeps, this is gonna be an epic once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Not just the party part, but the overwhelming joy and pure sky-high emotions that come with it. Irreplaceable feelings and oh-so-cute moments, ya know? That’s why you’ll have me (a.k.a. your photographer & future bestie) right there with you, documenting your little adventure while you dance on cloud nine.

And every time you look back on your photos, those feelings of excitement and bliss will come rushing back, allowing you to relive your one-of-a-kind experience all over again. Encapsulating your authentic story, bookmarking the start of your legacy together.

LET’S celebrate!

I am in love with all of our photos. We will truly cherish these the rest of our lives.

Kind Words

“I am in love with all of our photos. We will truly cherish these the rest of our lives. Emily made our wedding day session so enjoyable and she made the process so easy. Her sweet personality kept us relaxed and her organization kept everything running smoothly. It was a great experience from start to finish. She managed to catch every special moment.”

- Sarah

I’m Emily

the wine-loving, avid-traveling, laid back photographer that took these photos of people just like you

GENUINE PHOTOS COME FROM GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS; every human and love story deserves to be celebrated!

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Kind Words

Emily Steward is not only a ray of sunshine, but also an AMAZING photographer! She photographed our micro wedding at Spain Ranch in July with only three weeks notice and was so responsive, helpful, kind, and accommodating for us. She brought excitement, creativity, and pure joy to our day and we will treasure her photos forever and ever! We love her approach to photos - she is TRUE to color, no hyper trendy, over edited photos with her! These photos will always be in style. We are so thankful for her gift and grateful to call her a friend!

- Halle


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Couples + Engagements

You deserve so much more than likes on Instagram. You deserve a unique and comfy experience that creates memories. and lasting unique images that represent your extrordinary love story.

From inquiry to choosing which images to put on your walls and give to family, you'll be led the entire way by a quirky, fun-loving, wine-drinking gal who's had a camera in her hand for 10 years.

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