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What is an heirloom album?

These are the beautiful memories you'll treasure with loved ones for generations to come

From the favorite moments of your wedding day, to your most recent family photo session, you deserve to celebrate every moment for the rest of your life. Heirloom albums are handcrafted beautiful photo books made to be passed down from generation to generation

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from $2000


$800 off through September 6th

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We all say we’re going to get to it, that we’ll order that print, or plan out the design and get it done…someday. But what I've learned from 10 years of experience, this task is continually pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, until it’s forgotten and you have nothing from your special day, but some intangible thing sitting on a dusty hard drive somewhere. 
Often, once the wedding or event is over, you NEVER want to think about wedding logistics again, RIGHTFULLY SO, lol! But then you lose out on this incredible opportunity to keep the party going, and to keep celebrating for years and generations to come.
Heirloom albums an investment into yourself, and your relationship, and your one-of-a-kind love story. They are timeless works of art that will always be ready for you, and others, to open up and relive your best day, for the rest of your life.
Not only are they an investment into yourself and your relationship, but they can be an investment or gift to others who you have walked your journey with you. They make wonderful gifts for parents, grandparents, and other family or friends. Like, let’s be honest your parents definitely want another reason to brag about why you’re the fave!

You deserve to keep the party going

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love notes

Natalie + Jorden

We love our wedding album so much! It’s so fun having all of our favorite photos from our special day all in place to look at whenever we want! We keep ours on our coffee table so friends and family that come over can enjoy it too! We are so impressed by the quality of the pictures on the thick pages, they’re stunning, and will definitely stand the test of time. We picked the green cover which paired so well with our botanical wedding and we are obsessed! The texture of the cover is another detail that adds to the elegant quality, it’s just so beautiful. Choosing the pictures to put in our album was hard because we truly loved them all, but once we narrowed them down to our favorites, we just trusted Emily with the rest! We are so happy with the layout she came up with and we wouldn’t change a thing! It’s so special to us to have all our photos in one place that we can pass on to generations to come, so they can relive our wedding day as well. We will cherish it forever. 

Emily + Roy

We were so thrilled when our album arrived! It completely exceeded our expectations and is the perfect way to keep our sweet memories from our wedding day. We keep our album on our coffee table where it catches the eyes of all of our guests. They can’t help grabbing it off the table and oohing and ahhing. Having it in our living room allows me to look at the album every so often too and think back to our special day. I’m so glad that we will have this heirloom for years to come so we can keep sharing our beautiful photos with friends and family for years to come!”

Abby + Kelley

Our wedding album is hands-down our favorite keepsake from the day itself. It can be so overwhelming to go through pictures and try to pick the best and most representative ones, but Emily did a fantastic job of giving us a wide variety of pictures that showcased our entire day. I know I couldn’t have made something this special on my own. I have no doubt this album will bring as much joy to us 10 years from now as it did the day we looked through it for the first time together.


Get in touch to begin your album design story + create your custom payment plan.

Our first words


Once you're ready to make it official, you'll receive an album contract, invoice for your deposit, and then the fun part: a questionnaire that helps give me an idea of what your wedding day was like and what moments are most important to you



Based on the answers given in your questoinnaire, I'll get to work designing your first album layout proof! Yep, it's that simple!! And if you have specific photos you definitely want included, you can always send a list to me!

Design process


Once you see your first proof, you'll be able to request changes for two different rounds of revisions. This ensures that we get all the most fave photos and memories that you want to show off!



After our 2nd round of changes has been approved, we'll finalize the cover and other options, and then I'll get it ordered! It takes about 4-6 weeks once it's ordered.






Now you get to pass it down generations so they can celebrate your story too!! 

Build your legacy

The process

Share the love with a family or friend and give them a beautiful 6x6in exact replica of your heirloom album.

Parent albums

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*must be ordered at the same time as heirloom album

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Q: Do I have to be one of your wedding clients in order to order an album? 

Nope not at all!! Your wedding photos could have been taken by ANYONE! As long as you have the digital files I can create a gorgeous album for you regardless of who, when, or where your photos were taken!

Q: do you have payment plans?

Yes!! Absolutely! All you need to get started is pay 25% of the total cost (typically about $300). From here you can pay equal amounts of $300 every other week until it's paid off,  and then I'll send your album in for print. But we can ALWAYS create a custom payment plan for you, whether you'd like to do smaller payments weekly, or spread out the payments over time. The only requirement is that the invoice must be paid in full by time your album is ordered. 

Q: How many pages can I have in my Album?

The albums come standard with 15 pages (2- spreads) accommodoting a total of 50 images. The maximum number of spreads is 50 and each extra spread is $60. If you would like to add more pages to your album just let me know.

Q: Can I purchase an album after our wedding?

Yes. you certainly can However please note that my top package includes o wedding album at a significantly reduced cost - so if you are leaning towards getting an album. I highly recommend booking my top package for some cheeky savings. Believe me. you won't regret having one of these beautifully design albums in your homel

Q: Can I pre-order an album before my wedding has happened?

Yes of course! Even if I'm not your wedding photographer, but you know you'd like to have a gorgeous custom album from your favorite day, you can put down the $300 now to reserve yours, and once your wedding photos are delivered we can get to work on the first draft.

Q: What is the paper quality in the album?

The paper is museum-grade fine art paper. With archival quality. it's the best paper grade for printing and will ensure your wedding album stands the test of

Q: Are there options for the Album cover material?

I'm so glad you asked! Yes, there are over 50 options to choose from. From leather, vegan suede, luxe linen, the PERFECT material exists for you! Once we've finalized our second round of edits, you'll have a chance to choose your favorite cover material and design!

Q: How many photos can I include in my album?

As many as you likel However. I do recommend allowing the pages to have some breathing room so each and every photo has the chance to shine! I suggest having no more the 6 images on most of your albums pages. In saying that. the only exception are the end pages - I tend to pack in lots of dance photos on the final pages to wrap up your story with a fun bang!

Q: I don't Know which images to include. I love them all! Can you help me?

It's hard not to love them all But not to worry. I’ve got you! That's what the questionnaire is for!! This questionnaire will give me a look into your favorite and stand out moments from your day, so I can help choose the best images. You can of course always send me which images you would like to include.

Q: Can we include our photobooth and dispensable camera photos in the album?

Adding photobooth and dispensable camera photos are a really fun idea. I can leave a few extra pages at the back of the album for us to add these images in the design. I advise against mixing these photos with the "professional photos as the tones will be different and won't work well together.

Q: How many pages will we need in our wedding album?

The wedding albums come standard with 28 pages or 14 spreads. This is a good number of pages for a standard wedding.

If you had a large wedding (150- guest list), had portrait photos taken at multiple locations, and/or had a multi-day wedding all of which you'd like included you may want to add extra pages. The maximum number of spreads is 50.

A 28-page wedding album can accommodate around 50 images Images are placed in the album in order of events of the day. This will ensure that all of the photo tones work together as the colours in the images will change according to the specific location. time of the day. etc

If you are unsure of how many pages your wedding album should have. I can create a draft for you with as many pages as I think your album needs. The first round is a draft where you are welcome to add/delete images and remove/add pages. Your wedding album comes with several draft rounds to make sure everything is perfect before we send it off to print.

Most couples feel happy with their design after 2-3 rounds of changes. and some are In love with it from the first draft!

Q: Will I see a draft of the album before it goes to print?

Yes indeed! I will send you a digital proof as soon as I put together the design. You are welcome to add. delete or change images via our easy-to-use digital proofing system. This is where you'll be able to add comments directly to the pages and let me know the changes you would like - everything is done online! Two proof rounds come included in the price of your album Beyond the two proof rounds. you can add extra proof rounds for $70 per roundYou are welcome to change your mind on the material choices right up until the album is approved and ready for print. Once it's out for print. you won't be able to make any further changes or customisations. so trust your gut!

Q: Do you offer albums for other shoots (e.g. elopement, family, boudoir or couple)?

Absolutely! These beautiful albums are perfect for any shoot! If we have done a boudoir session. family shoot or any other shoot together, we can certainly create a bespoke album to house your memories Albums also make great gifts - family albums are perfect for a Mother's/Father's Day gift. while a boudoir album is great for celebrating Valentine's Day or a special anniversary.

Q: Is there a discount for parent albums?

Yes parent albums are priced at a discounted rate as they are essentially smaller replicas - same orientation and photo selection - of your wedding album. This means you will not need to pay for the proofing process. Due to this parent albums can only be ordered in conjunction with your wedding album.

Q: Can I purchase a second album down the track?
How long do you Keep the design?

I will keep your design for up to 3 years and in this time you can order a second album such as a parent album. at a discounted cost Once the 3 years has past. any nei album purchases will be at full price.

Q: How long does the first draft take?How long do you Keep the design?

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your first draft to be sent. As I work full-time as a photographer. unavoidable delays may also occur during the busy season. If there's a special date you would like to receive your albums by such as a birthday. Christmas. anniversary. etc. please let me know and Fl see what I can dol
The timeline of receiving the final album is also dependent on you as I'll need your help with proofing and approving the draft round/s The less back-and-forth changes we have. the quicker the process will be.
Once you are 100% happy with the album we will send the design off for print. You will then receive your album in the post 3-4 week from the time we sent the design to print.

Q: How do I care for my album?

Your album will come with a detailed care instruction card to help you ensure its longevity It is best if your keep your album out of direct sunlight store your album in a non-humid cool. temperate place, store your album flat, keep sticky mitts away from your album pages!

Q: Do you ship overseas?

Shipping within the United States is complimentary. However. if you're located outside of the US or would like to send an album to a friend or family member overseas. please let me know and I will provide you with a shipping estimate.

Q: Do you offer returns?

Prior to finalising your album design and sending it off to be printed you'll have multiple proof rounds to ensure you are 100% happy with your album. As your album is a handcrafted, customized piece. I unfortunately can't provide a refund once it's been printed. In the rare instant your album is damaged in. the post or there is a mistake in the album due to an oversight/error (something that you did not approve). then
I'll replace your album for free. at no additional cost.

Q: Do you offer refunds if I decide not to get an album after I have ordered?

The album design process begins as soon as your non-refundable album deposit is paid. From selecting and curating images. designing the layout. creating a story flow and contacting the printers, a lot of time and energy is committed to creating your wedding album behind the scenes. Therefore. the deposit is non refundable. and the final payment of your album. which is due before print. is also non refundable once paid.
If you have any questions or are feeling uncertain. I recommend booking an in-person appointment with me so we can chat through it and I can show you some sample albums. for your peace of mind.

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Courtney + Jonathan

I remember getting my album in the mail and being absolutely head over heels in love! It was like reliving my wedding day all over again. I am so thankful that we get to look at this album whenever we want and reflect on such a special day that Emily was able to curate and capture.

I wouldn't have known where to begin on creating an album like this! Having this option with Emily made the process so easy and so stress free during a relatively stressful life event!