Nervous about feeling awkward in front of the camera?

Don't worry, you're not alone; I get this comment all the time! ”We're just so awkward when we're having our photo taken” or ”it's been ages since we've had our photos done” if you've ever even had them done at all.

I get it, for realllllll!!!

Unless you're a model or actor, being in front of the camera can feel intimidating to say the least! That's why I create genuine relationships with everyone I work with. When we're friends, and you're feeling comfortable and genuinely YOU, authentic photos are going to be effortless! Trust me, I've done this for a long time, and actually getting to know each other takes your photos to the next level! You're going to want to open your wedding album every single day when you see your photos!


Ask Mikayla...

The Experience

Get in touch

The first step is to shoot me a message here, through my contact form!

Getting a new inquiry is probably one of my absolute favorite parts of what I do; I'm always checking my email to see who I get to work with next.


Let’s do this thing

Virtual Coffee

Once I receive your email, I'll quickly respond with a couple of dates and times that we could chat on the phone and/or get coffee together! This part is so fun because it's where I get to begin learning about you, and hear all about your unique love story. During this call, we'll go over all the info you need before booking, like pricing and collections, wall art and album options options, and any other questions you may have.



Once you’re saying “HECK YES!” and are confident that together we’ll have the best wedding day experience, I’ll email a proposal, including an invoice and payment plan with a non-refundable retainer, and an agreement that outlines everything you can expect from me! Once the retainer is paid and the agreement signed, I’ll email a calendar to schedule your engagement session if that's included in your collection. Then, and this is my favorite part, I'll mail you a welcome gift, and send my complimentary wedding guide and send the latest issue of B.E Wed Oklahoma (of which I'm a preferred vendor, YEAH BABBYYYYY)!


Planning + Timeline Creation

I’m not just taking your wedding photos; I am supporting you every step of your wedding planning journey. From questions about how to cut the cake to if you should invite your great Aunt Betty, I’m at your service to help create the day of your dreams. My complimentary wedding guide is full of tips, tricks, and ideas to create the most fun & celebratory wedding day of your dreams.

About two to three weeks out from your wedding day, we’ll get together to create a day-of timeline. Already have a timeline you created yourself or from your coordinator? Perfect! We’ll go through it in depth to optimize our time together on the big day.


Gallery Photo

Wedding Day

It’s here, it’s FINALLY here! Your wedding day! This day is all about YOU and your unique love story. On your wedding day, I will be with you, taking photos, documenting the tiny details that make your day so special, the little moments that are so easily forgotten during the flurry of the day. But I’ll also be encouraging you, asking you if you drank enough water, carrying your bouquet, making sure we have enough tissues around (for BOTH of us), doing anything it takes to remind you to be present for one of the most exciting days of your life.


Sneak Peek

Within 24 hours after I leave the venue, I’ll send over a sneak peek of 15-20 photos from your wedding day. Just because your day is over doesn’t mean the party has to stop!


actual reaction from a couple when I sent them their sneak peeks

photos are ready: dance party time

After 4 weeks, your online gallery will be emailed to you and then *probably* look a lot like this guy and do happy dance! On the online gallery, you will be able to download all of your images, as well as purchase prints and wall art, and other super cool gifts for your fam and friends (and yourself, duh).

If your collection includes an heirloom album, I'll have a draft ready for you to look at on the gallery; from there you can let me know if you love it or want to switch out some photos!


ALbum Arrival

Once we submit your album design, it will be delivered to me within about 4-6 weeks. I’ll double check that everything is PERFECT and then hand deliver it to you.

Why hand deliver it? Your reaction to this album is one of the most beautiful experiences of the whole wedding process. With this album you’ll keep the party going for years and decades after your wedding day. You can pass this album down to your kids and celebrate your love story for the rest of your life and through generations.

Your unique love story deserve to be celebrated for years to come.


Let’s make magic!

You deserve so much more than the sum of likes and comments on your instagram.

imagine reliving your wedding day with your grandkids.

“We were so thrilled when our album arrived! It completely exceeded our expectations and is the perfect way to keep our sweet memories from our wedding day. We keep our album on our coffee table where it catches the eyes of all of our guests. They can’t help grabbing it off the table and oohing and ahhing. Having it in our living room allows me to look at the album every so often too and think back to our special day. I’m so glad that we will have this heirloom for years to come so we can keep sharing our beautiful photos with friends and family for years to come!”