Let's get this party started: Pricing Guide Edition

hey you

You’re getting married!

And I’m giddy right

there with you!

I’m obsessed with love and I’m obsessed with telling genuine stories.

You deserve to celebrate your love story, and that includes enjoying every tiny moment of your wedding day. Once the day is over, the real celebration has just begun.

Imagine 50 years from now, opening your wedding album, viewing your images through the happy tears, and experiencing your wedding day all over again. That’s what you deserve. And that’s what I promise to give to you.

You’ve got so much on your wedding planning to-do list, It can feel so overwhelming. I want to support you through it all. From beginning to end.

Client love note

Emily Steward is not only a ray of sunshine, but also an AMAZING photographer! She photographed our micro wedding at Spain Ranch in July with only three weeks notice and was so responsive, helpful, kind, and accommodating for us. She brought excitement, creativity, and pure joy to our day and we will treasure her photos forever and ever! We love her approach to photos - she is TRUE to color, no hyper trendy, over edited photos with her! These photos will always be in style. We are so thankful for her gift and grateful to call her a friend!

Halle + Mitchell


spread your wings and fly!!!

Your engagement session can be ANYWHERE! Your photos will be more genuine if you choose a place that makes sense for you and your story. For example, if you hate the lake, then we’re not going to go to the lake! If you’ve both been wanting to explore a new place, this can totally be the time!!! My clients LOVE venturing out of Tulsa and into the beautiful midwest surrounding us!

There’s more time & planning involved in session outside of Tulsa. Travel fees start from $75 depending on how far away your dream spot is!

Some of my fave places are:

Wichita Mountains

Gloss Mountains

Salt Plains









($6750 value)

- 10 hours of coverage by TWO photographers

($500 value)

- Canvas of your fave photo

($2000 value)

- Heirloom album with your fave 80 images

- 8 hours of coverage by one photographer

($4000 value)

- Heirloom album with your fave 50 photos

($1500 value)

- 6 hours of coverage by one photographer ($3000 value)

Total value: 9500

Total value: 3000

Total value: 5500


Can we book you for only a few hours?

Do you travel?

Your wedding day celebration is a unique story that deserves to be told. That includes the intimate moments before and after you walk down the aisle or see your partner for the first time.. It’s the moments that your mom and/or dad see you for the first time in your wedding attire. Each moment tells is apart of your love story. The minimum amount of time to book is 6 hours, which is all included in my Silver Collection.

Abso-freakin’-lutely! Traveling is like my favorite thing to do besides taking photos! Actually I have a whole page on my website about it! Check it out here! While elopements are a different beast all together, if your traditional wedding is a few hours away, travel fees start from $100 outside of a 100 mile radius of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What is your covid-19 policy?

Do you offer videography?

I’m glad you asked! If your wedding needs to be postponed due to covid19 you will be able to book a new date in the following 12 months for an additional cost of $500. If your wedding is postponed past 12 months of the original date, we’ll simpy book a new collection, which includes a new first payment fee.

No. But I work closely and often with NB PRODUCTIONS who is an out-of-this-world talented videographer!

When will I get my images?

Do you shoot with a second photographer?

I always deliver a sneak peak gallery of 15-20 images within 24 hours of leaving the venue. You can expect your entire gallery four weeks after the wedding date.

how will i get my images?

You’ll receive an online gallery that includes a slideshow (my clients LOVEEEE this) about four weeks after your wedding, this way you’ll be able to enjoy the slideshow as an experience, and then share the link and photos with family and friends.

Do you provide black and white photos?

Yes! I use my artistic eye to select which photos are better in black and white. If there’s a photo that’s black and white that you’d like in color, you’re always welcome to reach out and ask for the color version.

Can i print my images?

Honestly, I’d be sad if you didn’t. You will have all the high-res digital files to download and share and print how you please. If you’d like to save time and work of ordering prints yourself, I've partnered up with literally the best print labs around to offer you the best prints and products, because you deserve the best.

What payment plans do you offer?

Three payments of 33% of whatever collection you choose. It’s 33% to officially book your date. Once that first payment is completed, and the agreement is signed, you’ll be officially booked and I won’t give that date to anyone else; I’ll be all yours baby!. The remaining two payments are due three months before the wedding date, and on the day of the wedding.

What happens if there’s inclement weather on our wedding day?

When it comes to weddings, not everything will go as planned; and that's okay! This is why you hire professionals who know what they're doing; we've been through it all! When touring venues, or if you’ve already booked yours, ask what their rain plan is. Venues are super used to dealing with this sort of thing and they’ll be able to help you make a backup plan, in the case that it does rain or snow, or tornado on your wedding day. As for me, I’m just along for the ride; I’m yours all day, baby, rain or shine, tornado, snow storm. I’ll be there with you through it all; it's all apart of your story!

What’s your cancellation policy?



You deserve so much more than the sum of likes on your instagram

Wedding albums are a beautiful, luxurious way to relive your wedding day! They are the answer to enjoying all of your favorite moments from your special day in place. All the hard work you put in, all the tears shed, all the laughs you shared with your favorite people deserve to be felt again and again every time you open your album.

The best part about albums? You don't have to do any hard work! All you have to do is choose your favorites, the rest will be done for you. :)

We were so thrilled when our album arrived! It completely exceeded our expectations and is the perfect way to keep our sweet memories from our wedding day. We keep our album on our coffee table where it catches the eyes of all of our guests. They can’t help grabbing it off the table and oohing and ahhing. Having it in our living room allows me to look at the album every so often too and think back to our special day. I’m so glad that we will have this heirloom for years to come so we can keep sharing our beautiful photos with friend and family for years to come!”

Emily Schmeidler

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