Dillon Rose: Tulsa Custom Jewelry

Dillon Rose is a Tulsa based custom Jewelry designer and maker.

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Dillon Rose is one of my favorite local artists. Rachel Dazey and her husband Seth, are making incredible and unique works of wearable art. The first time I saw their work I immediately showed my mom so that maybe I could get a necklace as a Christmas gift, haha! And guess what? I DID! And now I wear it every day!!!

Working with Both Dillon Rose & Something Blue Journal was so much fun! We had a blast adventuring to Chandler park and capturing some golden tones and golden moments between these two ladies who had just met for our photoshoot! (I bet you couldn’t even tell they just met; they got along so well!!!)

It was such a fun and creative shoot to be able to show off locally made jewelry! I’m hoping my mom keeps Dillon Rose in mind for every holiday, haha!

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