What is Photo Management?

December 15, 2020

We all know that person who has a valuable photo collection that’s sitting somewhere in the attic.

You’re most likely thinking of your mom or your lovely grandmother who has boxes on boxes of old polaroids and film negatives from 70 years ago or previous generations.

Photo by Tuva Mathilde Løland on Unsplash

These photo collections are invaluable. If a natural disaster happened unexpectedly and destroyed this collection, there would be absolutely no way for insurance to pay you back, or for you to ever retrieve the images that are now gone forever.

But, most of the time, these collections are incredibly overwhelming to deal with, so most people just…don’t.

Or maybe it’s that you have 45,000 photos on your iCloud photos account, plus two boxes of CD’s, 5 memory cards, and a backup of your old computer that died that you have yet to touch.

How the heck am I ever going to find the photo I’m looking for in this mess?

Well, the chances are, you’ll find it after about 2 hours or more of looking, if not more.

But imagine being able to type “kids and grandma” in the search bar of your computer and immediately seeing all images with your kids and their grandma?

Or being able to put together a priceless family album of the letters your mom wrote her mother along with the photos they sent?

I’m the Tulsa Photo Manager and I can help you do just that!

Managing any photo collection can feel insurmountable. Many don’t know where or how to begin, so it just never happens, and the photos are never celebrated or enjoyed. So I want to help you! I can digitize images and documents, including old slides, film negatives, and printed photos, along with helping you organize your physical and/or digital collection.

Physical & Digital Organizing

Whether you have a physical or a digital collection of photos, I can help bring order to your collection again. If you have boxes of physical photos, we will work together to go through them, select the ones that you’d like to keep, create an organized system so you can find them again (don’t worry, I have the system for us!), and then digitize the ones you’d like.

If you have just a digital collection or decide to digitize some of your physical photos, I will go through and collect all your images and organize them for you. If you choose, I’ll even add keywords so you can search for the photos you’re looking for and save hours instead of digging around a digital mess.

Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

For example, if you’d like to find a photo of your daughter Kailey in 6th grade, you’ll be able to search “Kailey 6th grade” and the properly tagged photos will show up.

Talk about magic!

Scanning & Digitizing

Do you have a handful or even an entire collection of images that need to be digitized but you don’t know how or have the time or proper equipment? Scanning is the process of taking these documents and using a professional-grade scanner (not just one that you could find in your printer) and digitizing them in high-resolution so that you can access them digitally with the rest of your images.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I bet you $10 you can think of at least two people in your life who would benefit greatly from this service! At my core, my deepest value is to help people celebrate their photos. Whether it’s photos I take or photos from over a hundred years ago, each photo deserves to be enjoyed and celebrated. Why else would we take photos?

If you’re interested in this learning more about how I can help you with your photo collections, click HERE to shoot me a message to get started!

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Hey, I’m Emily, and I believe in celebrating everyone always.

I even have a tattoo that says “everyone always.”

I’m a portrait and Tulsa Wedding Photographer with a passion for people and helping them celebrate their relationships through photos.