Wedding Photo Idea: Day After Sessions

A Day After Session is the perfect way to get those authentic photos without the pressure of the wedding day. Kari + Bobby did theirs at Big Bend!

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There’s a reason they are becoming a favorite wedding photo idea for my couples. 

Because I bet you have a wedding photo idea or two that you are imagining on your day? But I bet you also have a timeline to follow and important events to get to and some loved ones you don’t want to leave alone for too long? That is totally normal! 

Enter your solution – day after sessions. 

So what is a day after session?

After the start of the p*andemic, elopements and intimate weddings became more popular. And understandably so! The incredible views, the intimacy of it all, the photos ahhhh the photos! So it makes sense that even when you want to include your loved ones in your day, you still might crave a bit of adventure too! 

Day after sessions can give that to you! 

It’s basically exactly what it sounds like, a photo session the day after your wedding! They’re particularly beneficial when your wedding day feels super packed and full of people you’d really love to give your attention to. They’re perfect for elopements, too, when you have a few extra days after the event itself and you want to explore a new area.

A day after session is the perfect way to get those incredible, authentic photos without the pressure of the wedding day.

They allow you to relax and enjoy the moment, and also explore a new place together while getting some gorgeous images.

You opt to wear your wedding attire or you can forgo that altogether and do whatever you want! Seriously, YOU make the rules! 🙂 Your wedding and your relationship is all about YOU, no one else!!

When I photographed Kari + Bobbie’s elopement near Marfa, Texas, I knew we were SO close to Big Bend National Park. In fact, they actually had a handful of meaningful experiences in their relationship at the Big Bend National Park. When I realized they had a full extra day in the Texas desert before they left for their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, I was dying to plan something special there. So I threw out the idea that they wear their wedding clothes the next day and we can adventure around the park to get some epic photos.

Needless to say, they were SO DOWN.

Here’s the thing about day after sessions: as mentioned before, the experience is COMPLETELY customizable.

You can plan an entire experience, one that maybe you craved for your wedding, but couldn’t logistically plan for the day of. Go on a hike, pack a picnic, have a spa day, or just spend the day hanging around your AirBnb, the possibilities are endless!

After a wedding day, I knew that Kari + Bobby were probably going to feel pretty exhausted. So, instead of making the trip all about photos, I asked them what their favorite drinks were and packed a picnic! I picked up some tacos, cheese, and chocolates for us to eat, nothing fancy, but something to enjoy as we soaked in the incredible views and reflected on all of the beauty of the past days . I reminded them that this experience wasn’t only about getting epic photos, but also creating a meaningful experience together, that means they get to make the decision on when to take photos and how long they want to shoot for.

After about an hour of driving into the park and several short photo spot stops, Kari suggested we get out our blankets and have a picnic as the sun set. We were all so ready.

Here’s the crazy thing, Kari’s friends who had actually played the music the day before at her wedding, stopped at the same exact pull out in Big Bend, not knowing we were even there, and suddenly happened upon us. It turned into an intimate picnic full of memories with some of her favorite people. It felt serendipitous.

Make sure to scroll through this blog to see just how much fun you can have on a day after session together! 

Have I convinced you that they are the best wedding photo idea yet? 

It doesn’t matter whether you are having a big traditional wedding, an intimate backyard ceremony, or an elopement just the two of you – day after sessions can add a bit of fun to your entire wedding experience! 

They give you a true gift, one I want for every couple I photograph! A chance to be fully present with each other, and create epic, authentic photos without the stress of it being their wedding day.

I will never forget the drive out of the park that night, all of us feeling almost divinely touched with the timeline of events that day. Now they have these images forever to be reminded of how special not just the wedding day, but the entire week was.

So who is ready to add a little bit of adventure to their wedding day? Why don’t you shoot over your day after session wedding photo idea to me and we’ll make it happen! Say hi over on my contact form and we’ll dream something up! 

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