Destination wedding in Santorini Greece

Okay, so it wasn’t a real wedding in Santorini. But…

it sure does make for some epic inspiration if you are planning a wedding in Santorini or any Mediterranean islands for that matter. It’s hard to resist the dreamy turquoise waters, the rugged island landscapes, the mouthwatering food, and the rich culture that exists in this part of the world. That’s why it’s always been a dream of mine to to go to Santorini…to be a wedding photographer IN Santorini is NEXT level!!

Like I said, this wasn’t a real wedding in Santorini. But just like any real wedding, there were florals, stunning dresses, hair and make-up, cakes – the works! I reached out to a Santorini wedding planner, Sublime Wedding, to help me plan the photo shoot of my dreams in a place that is truly perfect for anyone thinking about a destination wedding or elopement abroad. After playing wedding photographer in Spain with another styled shoot, I was so ready to get back to Europe for more Pinterest-worthy experiences. So in just three weeks from starting my planning, I got to play wedding photographer in Santorini. A dream come true let me tell you!!! 

I handed over my ideas to Athina, the wedding planner and she literally did all of the planning for me. All I had to do was tell and show her my vision and she went to work with reaching out to all the amazing wedding vendors in Santorini that she had worked with and knew (everyone is connected within the Greek community which I love!). She found a model, Amel, who is an etherial, Egyptian beauty who I’m convinced is actually a goddess here on earth. She reached out to Atlier Zolotas for their unique and handmade bohemian wedding dresses. She found an amazing hair and makeup artist, who’s best friend had JUST moved to Tulsa. TULSA! Of all places! Like what the heck? Now we’re best friends 🙂 

In true Santorini fashion, it was hot and windy on the day of the shoot. In the afternoon, we started to get ready, waiting for a time where the sun was lower in the sky and the light was less harsh. Athina, using her incredible local knowledge, found a breathtaking spot on the most perfect cliffside, away from the hustle and bustle of the usual tourist spots. Like so many population locations for destination weddings, Santorini is extremely popular meaning location scouting is that much more important. Having locals around is ideal! 

As the vendors started showing up, it was like watching a dream in real life. Literally. Something that I have dreamt about for so long, shooting a wedding in Santorini, was actually coming to life.

The wind didn’t blow me away, but the final set up did. It was absolutely stunning; AND we had the place to ourselves.

As I photographed our fake wedding set up, I couldn’t help but imagine how incredibly insane a real wedding in Santorini could be. For the lovers who want to see the world, get married in a beautiful place, and spend their days exploring, riding their newlywed high around these incredible islands. The only thing better that could have made that moment better was if I happened to be photographing a real couple, promising forever to each other right there on that cliff. 

Those Santorini sunsets are truly like nothing else I’ve experience on this earth. No seriously. Take a scroll and tell me that these photos are absolutely mesmerizing. 

Can’t you see yourself there? Exchanging vows with the only love of your life and mountains in view. The cool misty breeze from the water below and the heat of the sun becoming less harsh as it dips into the sea. I mean??? Who is ready to plan a wedding in Santorini?? Because I’ve got the hook up 😉 Let’s get to planning!!! 

Planner: Sublime Wedding

Model: Amel Mahallaoui

Dress: Atelier Zolotas

Florals: Bloom de Fleur

Cake: Petranart Art

Rentals: Weddings and Whimsy, Santorini

Hair & Makeup: Julia Popova

Jewelry: Devous Jewels

Roses: Santorini Luxury Roses