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Tulsa Elopement at the Canopy with Willow + Zane

This Tulsa elopement shows what it means to create the wedding day that feels right to you. W+ Z chose to plan a laid-back day at the Canopy.

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This Tulsa elopement shows what it means to truly create the wedding day that feels right to you. Staying true to themselves, Willow + Zane chose to plan a genuine, laid-back day at the Canopy Tulsa. Their no frills day started with giggles while getting ready followed by happy tears during sweet vows, and ended with all of the emotions during their chill reception dinner. I’m so excited to share a bit of their story through the images from their day.

As they planned their Tulsa elopement, Willow + Zane kept coming back to The Canopy Tulsa. It’s ample natural light and elegant simplicity make it the perfect setting for elopements. I’m actually no stranger to the Canopy, as I’ve photographed a few couples there over the years. It truly is a no-brainer choice of venue for couples looking for a low-key, intimate ceremony because of its unique elopement package options, that many wedding venues don’t include. The venue can really mesh with any vibe you could want for your day, making it an awesome match for the couples who choose to create unique and customized elopement days.

And Willow + Zane did just that! Everything about their day reflected who they are as a couple. Sweet, easy-going, and SO freakin’ in love! ❤️

I began the day photographing getting ready and all of the details, like I often do. As I photographed Willow getting ready, I knew I was going to be even more obsessed with this elopement than I ever imagined. They pulled on white Lucy & Yak overalls and slipped into slide-on sandals. In another room downstairs, Zane pulled on his own overalls, but his being pink covered in colorful smiley faces. OVERALLS! 🤩 A stroke of genius if you ask me. Comfortable, adorable, and exactly what they wanted to wear.

When it was time for Willow + Zane to pledge partners for life, they stood in front of their closest loved ones. As the officiant started the ceremony, they realized they had never discussed who would say their vows first. So completely impromptu, Willow + Zane spontaneously threw rock, paper, scissors into action to decide who would go first. What was seemingly a mishap in plans became one of their favorite memories of the day. In fact, Zane says it was his absolute favorite part of the day.

But as for Willow’s favorite part? It was the look in Zane’s eyes as they said their vows to him. How could you not get teary-eyed as the love of your life shared, “Some don’t believe in fate, but I do. And that is what our love is. Fate.”

*cue photographer ugly crying in the corner* 😭

The day ended much like it had started, with laughs and tears shared among friends. But this time, around a tasty meal, toasts, and some cake that tasted as good as it looked.

When I asked Willow + Zane what they were looking forward to most now that they’re married, they gave me an answer as sweet as they are. They can’t wait to grow old together, travel the world together, and just live their lives with their partner by their side. And they left a piece of advice for you, if you’re planning an elopement. “Screw what everyone else is going to think of you, do what YOU want.

I couldn’t agree more. So if you’re looking to create a day that is as unique as you are as a couple, I’m your girl! You can head over to my contact page and we can start planning a day that feels like you.

And if you are looking for tips for planning your Tulsa elopement, you’ve come to the right place. While I travel all over to photograph elopements, Tulsa is where I call home. Here are my top tips for couples looking to elope in the great state of Oklahoma!

Tips for Planning your Tulsa Elopement 🥂

  1. Elopements are not just for Las Vegas or mountain adventures. Eloping in Oklahoma can be just as fun and magical as other destinations. Like Willow + Zane, you could pick a wedding venue (here are some of my favorites in Tulsa) for your intimate ceremony or you can choose a location that has sentimental value for you. If you’re looking for adventure, Oklahoma has salt flats, plenty of lakes, and yes even some mountains! 

  2. Make sure your legal ducks are in a row. Getting a marriage license in the state of Oklahoma is pretty straightforward. Both partner’s need to be at the Court Clerks Office with some ID and you’re good to go! Here’s a helpful article from The Knot with updated information on the entire process.  

  3. While it’s straightforward to get married in Oklahoma, you will need two witnesses and an officiant for the day of your elopement. It’s a little fact that often gets overlooked, but is absolutely necessary. In my opinion it’s super silly, but hey, I don’t make the rules! 🤪

  4. Choose vendors who support your dream vision! You can still include anything from flowers, catering, cake, videography, hair and make-up, and more for an elopement. But it’s always helpful to work with vendors who genuinely understand your desires, so finding vendors who specialize in elopements might be helpful!

  5. Not using a wedding venue? You may need a permit. Many state parks and other outdoor spaces require permits for your ceremony. In Oklahoma this would be places like Broken Bow, Gloss Mountains, Wichita Mountains, and Red Rock Canyon. Make sure you’ve read up on the legalities and apply for permits needed!

Tulsa elopement vendors:

Florist: Ana Núñez + Ted & Debbies
Rings: Spexton + Charlie and Marcelle from Local Eclectic
Reception food: Sisserou Tulsa
Cake baker: Antoinette Baking Company
Wedding attire aka the sick overalls: Lucy + Yak
Vow books: Print Smitten
Venue: The Canopy Tulsa
Photography: Emily Steward Photography

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