oklahoma elopement in the Wichita Mountains

Oklahoma Elopement Ideas: An Intimate Ceremony in the Wichita Mountains with Courtney + Nathan

An Oklahoma elopement might not be the first thing you think about when you imagine a scenic, mountain intimate wedding. But Courtney and Nathan’s intimate ceremony in the Wichita Mountains is the sweetest photo proof that eloping in Oklahoma can be as dreamy as anywhere else in this world. As the sun shined down on […]

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An Oklahoma elopement might not be the first thing you think about when you imagine a scenic, mountain intimate wedding. But Courtney and Nathan’s intimate ceremony in the Wichita Mountains is the sweetest photo proof that eloping in Oklahoma can be as dreamy as anywhere else in this world.

As the sun shined down on their freakin’ stunning Oklahoma elopement ceremony, Courtney and Nathan exchanged hand-written vows with their closest loved ones as witnesses. They looked at each other for the first time, right there on that mountain top, as partners for life. It was such a special moment, as they both had envisioned mountain terrains, prairie grass, and an adventure in the desert for their day. Mount Scott gave that to them.

Wait, hold up… You might be asking, “did she say mountaintop? In Oklahoma?” Yes, friend, I sure did. While Oklahoma is smack dab in what the rest of the world calls “The Plains,” we actually have four primary mountain ranges in our state (and a few impressive mesas, too.) And the beautiful scenery of the state doesn’t stop with mountains either. Oklahoma has salt flats, charming downtowns, and more lakes than any other state in the US. So while yes, Oklahoma can be absolutely dang flat and boring at times, it can also be pretty damn spectacular, too.

Courtney and Nathan’s dreamy day in the Wichita Mountains shows just how spectacular an Oklahoma elopement can be. They wanted a day they could call their own. To do exactly what they wanted to do and celebrate their love in a way that felt right to them. Just three hours from Tulsa, where they call home, they eloped with mountain views and a bit of adventure. A destination wedding, right in their own state.

We started the day in their AirBnb, with just a bit of details and getting ready photos of the bride. Her dress was to die for, with lace floral details all over. It was SO pretty and perfect for their day! Then we headed off to find the groom for a first look! These two were all smiles as we headed to the top of Mount Scott for their ceremony. The skies were blue and you could see for miles and miles as they said I Do. A handful of their closest loved ones sat nearby, some wiping their tears and some smiling ear to ear. After the ceremony hugs were a must before I scooped up the happy couple and stole them away for some portraits.

And boy, did we create some magic during their portraits! We started on the rocky mountain side where we captured some ethereal moments overlooking the land below us. What a special spot to have as “their spot” on top of that mountain! Then we skipped off into golden hour on the plains below. With the mountainside now in the distance, Courtney + Nathan were frolicking around in the prairie grass like a couple of damn models! The sky wasn’t the only thing glowing in these photos, their newlywed glow is hard to miss. I can’t get over how much I love their gallery.

When I asked them how they would describe their Oklahoma elopement, they said,

“Dreamy, intimate, fulfilling, personal, romantic.” 

You can feel that in these photos. Scroll through them all and try not to feel excited and giddy for them. I betcha you can’t!! 

And if Courtney + Nathan have inspired you to elope in Oklahoma, I thought I’d share some of my favorite locations for intimate weddings across the state. Choose from so many incredible state parks and other scenic locations or find a venue that can bring you vision to life. There’s something for you here, I promise!

Ideas for eloping in Oklahoma:

You don’t have to run off to the mountains for your elopement if you don’t want to. It’s YOUR day, and it can truly be planned however you want it to be. And there are plenty of exquisite venues for your intimate ceremony. Here are some of my favorites!! 

  • Spain Ranch – One of my favorite venues in Tulsa and the whole dang state!! I even wrote an entire blog about this one, y’all. You want to check it out!  
  • The Canopy – Located in Tulsa, this plant-filled spot is gorgeous for your elopement. They also have elopement packages available. Here’s Willow + Zane’s sweet elopement for inspiration!
  • The Glass Chapel – A truly stunning, entirely glass chapel located in Broken Arrow, OK! It’s a gorgeous space for an intimate wedding or elopement. The natural light in this one is unbeatable! 
  • The Mansion at Woodward Park – Maybe better for an intimate wedding than elopement, but it’s too good to leave off of the list! To see why, here’s Tayler + Jason’s summer wedding gallery
  • Turkey Mountain – Okay, so maybe this one belongs under the outdoor adventure category, but the recreation area has plenty of covered areas for a quiet, outdoor elopement ceremony. Check out my good friend and fellow photographer’s Turkey Mountain elopement blog to see what I mean! Gorgeous!

But if you are looking for an outdoor adventure or scenic spot for your elopement – I’ve got ideas for you! Oklahoma has some super accessible beautiful places for your ceremony.

If you want mountains like Courtney + Nathan, we’ve got four main mountain ranges in the state. The Arbuckle Mountains, the Wichita Mountains (pictured in this blog!), the Ozark mountains, and the Ouachita Mountains all have spots for an elevated elopement! Here are my favorite mountainous spots in Oklahoma! 

  • Gloss Mountains State Park – More like mesas and plateaus, the Gloss Mountains are an incredible spot for an elopement with a mountain and desert feel. 

For stunning locations near serene water features, you’ve hit the jackpot with Oklahoma. With over 200 lakes in the state, there is no shortage of shores for your elopement. Check out my favorite spots near water in the state! 

  • Broken Bow – One of OK’s most popular lakes, Broken Bow is located in southeast Oklahoma and is the gateway of Beavers Bend State Park! The views are incredible and there are so many intimate accommodations for a beautiful, private elopement. 
  • Turner Falls – Tucked into the Arbuckle Mountains, this is Oklahoma’s largest waterfall. The park has hiking trails and camping if that is your thing, and a cool castle to explore as well! 

For something in nature that is funky and different, Oklahoma has you covered! Utah may have Bonneville and Patagonia may have Atacama, but we’ve got salt flats, too!! And you don’t have to go all the way to Namibia for sand dunes, Oklahoma is full of surprises.

  • Salt Plains Wildlife Refuge – One of the most unique outdoor locations in the state, imagine your minimalist elopement ceremony with the white, flat earth as your backdrop! A blank slate to make into whatever you want.

Don’t forget to scroll through this stunning Oklahoma elopement for some incredible elopement planning inspiration!!

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