Brand Photography for Fellow Female-Owned Businesses

You probably know my work best as intimate weddings and destination elopements, but did you know I also love shooting brand photography? As a female solopreneur myself, I understand the complexities of running a business! That’s why nothing lights me the heck up like supporting other female entrepreneurs as they chase their own dreams. As for the best way I know how to do that? Supply them with images that uplevel their already incredible brand.

So what the heck is brand photography?

A brand shoot is a way to dive into another expression of visual identity for your business. We take aspects of your brand like messaging, goals, voice, colors, and style and merge them into one cohesive shoot to represent who you are as a company. Pretty cool, yeah?

These images are used everywhere in your branding, places like websites, social media, marketing campaigns, to bring your brand to life and make you recognizable from the rest. Plus they’re just a dang good time if I do say so myself!

Does your business need brand photos?

Eventually, yes! If you are just beginning, brand photos might not be high on your priority list. But with the online age taking digital marketing to a whole new level, every established business could use a brand photography. Here are some reasons why you might want to book a brand shoot!

  • Rebranding or revamping! If you are investing hundreds or thousands of dollars into professional branding, chances are you’ll need images to match the new vibe, the quality of work, and story you are telling.
  • Building a website! Stock images can only get you so far friend! Whether you are using a template or outsourced to a web designer, a cohesive set of branded images will take your website from just another corner of the internet to your thoughtful and stunning digital oasis.
  • Expanding your marketing! Brand images are really SO useful. Not every photo has to be of you and your face. We can take images that tell the story of what you do and who you do it for, all while presenting it in a way that your audience will love! Pop those into your marketing and look extra profesh. Which reminds me of another reason…
  • Matching your visual to your level of skill! You are a professional! And while your vibe is most likely not suit and tie in a cubicle, there is still a need to present a certain level of quality to your audience. An excellent, and easy, way to do that is simply to add professional, quality imagery to your brand.

Have I convinced you to schedule a brand photography shoot yet? GOOD! Now let’s chat about how to prepare for a brand shoot that makes you feel like the badass you are.

Establish a vibe! If you are working with a brand designer, you’ve probably already established a visual identity like colors, fonts, and all of that jazz. Maybe you even have a mood board! That’s awesome! But if not, don’t you worry pal. We can talk about your vision and come up with a mood board together!

Book a photographer! I’d loveeee for it to be me, but it doesn’t have to be! You should search for a photographer who has some experience with brand shoots, whose work and editing style you appreciate, and takes time to understand your vision!

Choose your outfits! While this is about you and your brand, there are some hard fast rules when it comes to what clothes photograph well. Play with textures like denim, linen, sweaters, leather – whatever matches your style! But the most important rule? Be comfortable. I’m not sayin’ you need to wear sweatpants, but be sure to wear the clothes that make you feel like your best self.

Pick a location! This goes along with the whole vibe thing, but it’s important to consider actual spaces. Will you need to rent a studio? Maybe a cute AirBnb? Are there coffee shops or places around town that fit your vision?

Gather your props! Are there things that represent who you are, what you do, or who you serve? Bring ‘em along! For example, if you are a web designer, you might want to bring your laptop! Maybe you are a coffee fanatic? Bring a cup of Joe! You can make your shoot your own and props are a great way to personalize it.

Gahhh are you getting so excited?! At this point, you are probably so ready to explore brand photography and book a shoot of your very own. But before you scurry off to start planning, I’d love to share some seriously sweet female entrepreneurs who have trusted me with telling their stories!

Teresa Jean – Creative Business Strategist – @teresaajean
Kait Cozzens – Website Copywriter – @heykaitc
Fallon Smith – Owner of Fallon’s Thrift
Hannah Bradley – Actress – @hannahjbradley

Did these shots give you some inspiration for your own brand photography? Maybe it’s time for you to say hi! Bring your vision and I’ll help you create photos that give your brand cohesion, confidence, and personality! To book your shoot, head over to my contact form and let’s make it happen!


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