Adventure Engagement Session at Horseshoe Bend

So you want to have an engagement session, but don’t know where to go? Abbey + Daniel are bringing you a bit of planning inspiration with their adventure session at Horseshoe Bend!

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So you want to have an engagement session, but don’t know where to go? Abbey + Daniel are bringing you a bit of planning inspiration with their adventure session at Horseshoe Bend! And noooo, this isn’t to tell you to pack up your bags and head to the desert. But it is your reminder that you can plan an engagement session however you want to. Go on an adventure! Take the much needed vacation you’ve been putting off. Do something you love doing together. And don’t forget to invite along a photographer to capture all of the fun!

When it came time to plan an engagement session, Abbey + Daniel knew they wanted to focus on creating an experience rather than just picking a spot to snap some photos. They knew they wanted to travel somewhere beautiful where they could soak in the beauty around them while celebrating the fact that they are freakin’ engaged to the love of their life!! 

You see, Abbey + Daniel love to travel and are always up for an adventure! It is a part of their lives that is so deeply intertwined with their love story. Even their proposal was popped in the midst of adventure while on a sun-soaked getaway in Caye Caulker, Belize. They spent their days snorkeling and exploring the island and ended it with Daniel on one knee, holding not only a beautiful ring, but also handwritten letters from loved ones sharing their well wishes. I mean?!? With a proposal like that, a cookie-cutter engagement session just wouldn’t do. 

So they figured out a way to make their engagement photos feel like them. Abbey + Daniel told me how much they loved the desert and really wanted to explore Arizona or Utah. When they asked me if I’d meet them out there to take photos, I knew we had to go to Horseshoe Bend! I told them a bit about the area and they were IN!

Man, did we have some FUN! Not only are these two lovers so sweet and beautiful with one another, they’re just an absolute joy to be around. They were poppin’ bottles in front of red clay canyons and stealing smooches all day long. The scenery was incredible, but they easily stole the show with love that visibility radiates through each image captured. The whole day was so easy and fun, which is exactly how it should feel for you

And then they took their adventure a step further and planned an entire road-trip vacation around the engagement session! Starting at the Grand Canyon and then headed to Page, Arizona. They took a guided tour of Antelope and Rattlesnake Canyon on Navajo land, drove to the Grand Staircase National Monument in Southern Utah, and then explored the Vermillion Cliffs and Lake Powell areas. 

Now, not only do they have incredible photos from their engagement session, they have a whole bunch of memories to go along with them. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? Make sure to have a look at some of my favorites from their day below. 

If you’ve been inspired by Abbey + Daniel and are ready to book an engagement session that is true to you and your relationship, I’ve got a few tips to get started! 

Tips for planning your engagement session:

  • Dream up a vision! Are you imagining somewhere with beautiful views? Or a cozy snuggle session in a beautiful AirBnb? What feels natural to you? What are you inspired by? Sit down and chat it out with your partner! 
  • Choose a place that excites you! Maybe it’s a destination you’ve been dying to visit like Abbey + Daniel. Or perhaps it’s a place that holds significance to your life or relationship. And yes, you can go somewhere just because you want to! It’s your session, plan it how you want! 
  • Think about what you love doing together! Do you love to hike? Or do you spend your free time bouncing around happy hours? Maybe you are hardcore board game lovers. I say heck yeah, let’s incorporate it! It will make you extra comfy in front of the camera, plus it will add a personal touch to your photos! 
  • Find a photographer who sees your vision and is willing to guide you through it! Is Horseshoe Bend local to me? Nope. But when Abbey + Daniel told me they wanted an adventure in the desert, I knew that I wanted to help them plan an engagement session that would be right for them! So I put on my research pants and made sure that we were able to bring their vision to life! I’m not saying you have to choose me (I mean, it’d be cool if you did – you can contact me here), but rather to simply find a photographer who really cares about your experience.
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