7 Things to Consider When Choosing Outfits for Engagement Photos

Are you staring at your closet searching for outfits for engagement photos and just feel lost? Or if you are anything like me, by this point there are no clothes left in your closet because you’ve tried on every piece of clothing you own and thrown it on the floor when it just didn’t feel […]

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Are you staring at your closet searching for outfits for engagement photos and just feel lost? Or if you are anything like me, by this point there are no clothes left in your closet because you’ve tried on every piece of clothing you own and thrown it on the floor when it just didn’t feel right. Trust me, you are not alone in your struggles. But before you throw your whole wardrobe away and start a new one, I thought I’d share some of my favorite advice for choosing outfits for your engagement shoot.

Why should you care? Honestly, your outfits for engagement photos can make or break your final images.

While your engagement shoot is about much more than the clothing you’re wearing, I’d be lying if I said it did not matter. In fact, just about any photographer you work with probably has an opinion on what to wear for photoshoots. 

When it comes to my style of photography, I create images that feel natural, timeless, and authentic to you and your relationship. Time and time again, my clients say that my natural style and genuine approach is what made them want to work with me. 

And I do believe that what makes a killer photo is always genuine connection, I also know there are many layers to creating artistic, beautiful imagery. So many things can add to a photograph – like stunning landscapes, your favorite music, sentimental details, and yes, your outfits

Luckily, I know a thing or two about selecting outfits that create beautiful and natural images. Not only are these tips foolproof, but you probably already have these items in your closet! 

Ready to create some seriously sweet outfits for your engagement photos? Here are 7 considerations for your clothing.

Comfort Level – If you don’t absorb anything else from my advice, let this be the one thing you really take in. Feeling comfortable is the MOST important thing. It will 100% show through in your images if you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing. 

So many people think that you need to go out and buy new clothes for something like an engagement shoot, but the reality? Wear whatever you want. 

If getting all dressed up is your thing, absolutely do it! But if you are more of your favorite sweater and jeans type of person, that is perfect. What types of clothing do you wear everyday? Stick to your own style when choosing outfits for engagement photos too.

make sure you feel comfortable in your outfits for engagement photos

Location and weather – Let it make sense for your surroundings! Are we frolicking off into the forest somewhere? Heeled shoes wouldn’t make much sense. 

Ask your photographer what they would recommend for the location of your shoot. The goal is to compliment your surroundings, not look out of place. If there is snow on the ground, wearing a spaghetti strap dress would seem silly (also would be alarmingly cold!!!) Are we shooting in your home or a cute little AirBnb? Cozy clothes all the way! Make sure to research the weather of your location, especially if it is a new destination or an environment you aren’t used to! Oh and when shooting outdoors, natural colors are almost always the way to go. So while we’re on that topic…

think about your location when outfits for engagements photos

Colors Okay so I know I said when shooting outdoors, neutrals are best. But what I mean to say was neutrals reign supreme. Gah, I know that was a hard one for my color lovers out there, but I had to say it! 

Creams, whites, blacks, browns, and the other endless shades of neutral colors truly are the safest choice for any location. Soft colors like yellow and light blue are also great! Denim is always a good idea and allows for a little pop of color that isn’t overwhelming. What should you absolutely not wear? Bright colors or loud patterns could really take away from the overall photo quality. 

Of course, if you are extremely passionate about a particularly colorful article of clothing and want to include it, let your photographer know ahead of time! Planning a location or backdrop that doesn’t clash will be essential for good photos overall!

natural color choices are best for your outfits for engagement photos

Patterns + texture Not all patterns are bad! Minimal, small patterns can be really flattering in photos. But keep in mind, less is more
That’s why an excellent alternative to patterns is a focus on texture. Denim, corduroy, sweaters, linen – these all photography quite well and make you look fantastic at the same time! Minimal and neutral doesn’t have to mean boring thanks to our good friend texture!

natural, textured clothing is always a good move for an engagement photoshoot

Compliment each other Don’t think of your outfits for engagement photos as two separate outfits, think of them as one coordinating collection of clothing. 

That doesn’t mean go all matchy matchy either! Select colors that compliment each other. Avoid clashing patterns or textures.

compliment your partners outfit for engagement photos

Avoid distractions – We’ve all seen it. The gorgeous photos of two people so in love and then…there it is… the dreaded hair band around a wrist. Or the Apple Watch lit up. Or your eyes going straight to the Nike logo. 

Avoid items that feel out of place. There is a right way and a wrong way to accessorize for your shoot. Make sure the items make sense. Which brings us to…

simple outfits for engagement photos without distractions are always best

Accessories – A great way to add some fun and variety to your outfits! Accessories you can easily throw on and off let you create a new vibe without changing your entire outfit. 

Jackets, scarves, hats, cardigans, sunnies, and other accessories are all welcome! You know the rule though. Make sure they make sense. 

Another fun way to spice up your shoot? Plan an experience around something you love to do together and bring along items that might add some fun to your shoot. Picnic lovers? Bring along a blanket and a bottle of your favorite beverage. Go on afternoon bike rides together? Bring the bikes and some sunglasses! 
Ultimately, this is your shoot. You can totally make it entirely about YOU!

ideas for props to add some fun to your engagement session

Are you feeling more confident in your outfits for engagement photos?!

I hope you are! But if you still find yourself struggling, here is what you can do next! 

  • Head over to Pinterest and search for some outfit inspo 
  • Snap some photos of your outfits and send them to your photographer
  • Ask your photographer if they have a style guide (all of my couples get one!!)
  • Bring along different outfit combinations to your shoot
  • Check out some of my galleries for real outfits worn by real couples! Tap the link to head over to my portfolio

And if you are looking for outfit inspiration, but still haven’t booked your photographer, whatcha waiting for, friend?? Engagement sessions are some of my absolute favorites!!! Let’s get to planning, yeah?! Say hey and fill out this form to get started. More tips for outfits to come!

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